When people reach old age, it is common to require some form of care to safely and successfully go about their everyday lives. It can become more difficult to handle daily activities like bathing and preparing meals as people age. Some elderly individuals will only need minimal help while other seniors will need assistance on a full-time basis. Regardless, one thing that elderly individuals generally prefer is to stay within the comfort of their own homes — even if they require significant help.

In such a case, seniors can get home health care services, allowing them to continue living at home. While there are other options for elderly individuals in these scenarios, such as going to an assisted living facility, there are numerous benefits of home health care.

Continue reading to learn more about how your elderly loved one can benefit from getting home care from a professional.


1. Staying in a Familiar Environment

For some seniors, living in a nursing home, retirement home, or assisted living facility is seen as an option to take. However, it’s not an option that many prefer because it means giving up their home. Many people spend a significant amount of their lives earning and living in their home, so they don’t want to leave if it isn’t necessary. It is also the place where people are most comfortable, and some seniors don’t want to go to an unfamiliar place.

With home health care services, it isn’t necessary to leave home. These services allow elderly individuals to get whatever care they need. It can be as minimal as getting help cleaning the home or seniors can receive full-time care, getting assistance throughout the day.

2. Help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

If your elderly loved one struggles with activities of daily living, it is especially concerning. Activities of daily living are the necessary activities one does daily to live a healthy, independent life. Struggling with ADLs likely means an individual cannot successfully live their life — not without assistance.

With home care services, your elderly relatives will get the assistance with their ADLs that they desperately need. There will be no need to worry about whether your elderly loved one can maintain their personal hygiene, is able to move around their home, or has been eating proper, nutritious meals. The caregiver providing the home health care services will make sure seniors are getting the help they need.

3. Customized Care and Assistance When You Need It

Whether you need full-time help, part-time help, or periodic help, home health care services can cover this. Not all seniors need a full-time caregiver, only requiring help with a few tasks. Some elderly individuals may have a family member act as their informal caregiver, only needing home health care services when the family member is unavailable. Home health care is a flexible option, which makes it a great benefit for anyone who may potentially require help. You can get help just for household activities and chores, or you can get help for all activities, including bathing and transportation. If a senior’s care needs change, care services can be altered to accommodate those changes.

4. Increased SafetyNon-Medical-Home-Care-vs-Home-Healthcare

As people age, they lose some of the strength or mobility that they had when they were younger. This can make it more difficult for elderly individuals to get around their homes, and this can also make it more likely for them to trip and/or fall. Some seniors might be in a weakened state because of a recent surgery or procedure, increasing their chances of suffering a fall. Home care providers can prevent this, because they will be there to help guide your loved one and remove any tripping hazards to ensure their safety.

5. Ensured Nutrition

Limited mobility can make it tougher to prepare meals for oneself. Because of this, seniors may either eat improper meals that don’t adequately meet their nutritional needs, or they may not even eat at all. It is important for everyone to get their nutrients, and this is especially the case for elderly individuals. With home care services, your elderly loved one can have a caregiver who will not only prepare healthy, nutritious meals on a daily basis, but also help shop for the ingredients, serve the meal, and clean up afterward.

6. Companionship

One of the benefits of home health care that often goes unnoticed is the companionship it provides your elderly loved one. In addition to being a caregiver to seniors and providing them with whatever care they need, caregivers will also be a companion to their clients. They will engage them in conversation and fun activities, taking the time to develop a true relationship with them.

Home Health Care ServicesCaregiver-Serving-Coffee-to-Senio

Knowing of the numerous benefits of home health care, it’s in your elderly loved one’s best interest to get them the help they need within the comfort of their own home.

Assisting Hands Home Care provides home care services in Evanston, IL, for seniors in need. With our senior care services, your elderly love one can get help with activities of daily living (ADLs), transportation, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and more. In the event that your elderly relative requires more specialized care, we have elderly care services that can accommodate such a need. We even provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care services for individuals affected by these conditions, and we will specifically cater every care plan to the client’s unique care need to ensure they get the exact care they deserve.

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