Providing care for a loved one is common practice for millions of Americans. It is also common for family caregivers to suffer the negative impacts that can affect their everyday well-being. Informal caregivers often experience high levels of stress, lack of sleep, and poor health. This impacts their careers, families, and even the ones receiving care.

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At Assisting Hands, we offer respite care services in Park Ridge, IL and the Chicago suburbs to give informal caregivers a much-deserved break. We will work around your schedule so you can have the time off you need.

The Effects of Informal Caregiving

By “informal caregivers”, we refer to those providing care to a loved one. A common example is an adult caring for their aging parent. In many cases, these situations lead to a variety of negative effects that should be brought to light as early as possible. If you find yourself in the role of “informal caregiver”, we encourage taking the following points into consideration:

  • Out of the 65 million+ Americans who provide informal caregiving services for a loved one, roughly 25% are in poor health themselves.
  • Roughly 2/3 of all informal caregivers are women.
  • Lack of sleep, increased responsibilities, and added stress are the primary contributors to poor health. They can impact careers, families, and even the quality of care administered.

By recognizing these statistics, we hope you can better manage your schedule and expectations, and prepare for the road ahead. We can help you as much as needed with respite care services.

Respite Care Park Ridge, IL

For professional respite care services in Park Ridge, IL and the surrounding areas, contact Assisting Hands at (847) 915-6186.

At Assisting Hands, we do everything possible to make our respite care services flexible and effective. We understand everybody has their own needs, which is why our home care services are personalized; we can help on a recurring or case-by-case basis. Either way, we will strive to provide optimal caregiving services, and give you the much-needed break you deserve.

We offer a number of services to help individuals enjoy their days as easily as possible. While we cannot perform official medical services (such as administering shots), we can provide assistance in other capacities.

This includes:

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Our Assisting Hands caregivers are professional, personable, and highly trained to provide excellent care and companionship. We look forward to getting to know you soon, and providing the care your family deserves.

To learn more about our respite care services, or to schedule an appointment, contact our staff at (847) 915-6186.

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