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Often times, families choose to take care of elderly relatives and help them with their day-to-day lives. Although it is noble to care for your elderly loved ones yourself or with help from other family members, providing such care can be very demanding and time-consuming. Deciding to get outside help to provide care services can cause families to feel guilty, but it is beneficial for seniors and their family caregivers. With Assisting Hands Home Care’s respite care services in Rolling Meadows, IL area, we can provide your loved ones with excellent care and give family caregivers time off.

Through this service, one of our trained caregivers will take over for your family caregiver at scheduled intervals, giving him/her the time to take care of personal matters and rest. As mentioned above, being a caregiver is a demanding duty, so it is vital to give consideration to respite care:

  • There are elderly individuals who get informal care from 65 million Americans.
  • The majority of family caregivers are women; two-thirds of them are female.Respite Care Services - Rolling Meadows, ILrespi
  • A quarter of family caregivers compromise their own health due to a lack of sleep, being stressed, and other problems.

Informal caregiving is commonly known to have negative consequences on the health and personal lives of family caregivers. Because of the familiarity they have with each other, it is beneficial for elderly individuals to receive care from a family member. But family caregivers still need to have time for themselves and time to rest. It just isn’t healthy for family caregivers to take on an overwhelmingly busy schedule.

Respite Care Services from Assisting Hands

Assisting Hands Home Care’s respite care services allow family caregivers to have time off while your loved ones continue to receive care. We will coordinate with you to create a care plan and a schedule that works with the family caregiver’s schedule. This allows the family caregivers to get a break so they can rest and catch up on their personal matters.

Family caregivers can benefit from our respite care services in the following ways:

  • The risk for depression is reduced.
  • There are regular, scheduled breaks during the day or during multiple days.
  • Stress levels are reduced, and energy levels increase.

If you or a relative cares for an elderly family member in Rolling Meadows, IL area, reach out to Assisting Hands Home Care for more information about our respite care services. Our caregivers will relieve the family caregiver at a specific, scheduled time, and help your elderly family member by providing them with quality care. Call us at (847) 915-6186 for more about our respite care services in Rolling Meadows, IL area.


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