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A lot of families try to take care of their elderly family members themselves when loved ones require daily assistance. One family member may be the one to provide care, or several members may share the responsibility. You may have to provide care for many hours, taking the time out of your personal life. Although family caregivers may feel guilty about getting outside help, the benefits are worth it. At Assisting Hands Home Care, we offer respite care services in Schaumburg, IL, that allow family caregivers to have a break from the informal care they provide.

With these services, a trained caregiver relieves Respite-Care-in-Schaumburg-ILyour family caregiver at scheduled intervals, allowing the family caregiver to have some time off and rest. Caregiving is a demanding task, which can make it important for family caregivers to consider getting respite care services:

  • There are 65 million Americans who provide their loved ones with informal care.
  • Women make up two-thirds of family caregivers.
  • One-fourth of family caregivers jeopardize their own health because of a lack of sleep, stress, and other issues.

Family caregivers commonly experience negative consequences to their health and personal lives because of the demands of the informal caregiving they provide. It is beneficial for a relative to receive care from a family member because of the familiarity there, but it is important that the family caregiver manages his/her time in a way that allows for personal time and rest and prevents the potential for health concerns. It is unhealthy for family caregivers to provide care without taking time off.

Respite Care Services from Assisting Hands

With Assisting Hands Home Care’s respite care services, we provide family caregivers relief and elderly individuals with great care. We create customized care plans that cover your loved one’s needs and develop schedules that work with the family caregiver’s schedule. While the family caregiver gets a break, your loved ones get compassionate care from our professional, well trained caregivers.

With our respite care services, family caregivers experience the following benefits:

  • Depression risk is reduced.
  • Regular breaks happen at scheduled times throughout one or more days.
  • Stress is relieved, and family caregivers are more energetic.

If you or another family member provides care for an elderly relative in Schaumburg, IL, get in touch with Assisting Hands Home Care to find out more about how our respite care services can benefit caregivers and seniors. With our services, a caregiver relieves the family caregiver at scheduled times and provides your elderly loved one with great care. To inquire about respite care services in Schaumburg, IL, give us a call at (847) 915-6186.

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