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Old age, surgeries, memory loss, physical disabilities, and more can all lead to the need for in-home care services. At Assisting Hands Home Care, we provide home health care services in Palatine, IL to help seniors who need assistance to live in their homes.

Whether you or a loved one needs help with getting around the home, getting to and from doctor’s appointments, or preparing meals, our caregivers are uniquely qualified to lend a hand. Our goal is to get families in need through these stressful times with greater peace of mind. We can help seniors who need our assistance in the Palatine, IL, area.

Home Care Services Palatine, IL

For compassionate home care services in Palatine, IL, contact Assisting Hands at (847) 915-6186.

We are a licensed home agency here at Assisting Hands Home Care, which means there are a number of built-in benefits you as a potential client will receive when working with us. To understand them, let’s first take a look at common alternatives:

Home Health Care for Palatine, IL

  • Informal Home Care Services: This care is provided by a loved one. About 65 million Americans provide these services, and roughly 25% of them report that they themselves are in poor health. This is because of the added stressors involved with caring for a loved one while still taking care of other day-to-day responsibilities (such as providing for immediate family members and going to work).
  • Professional Care Provided by an Individual: Individual caregivers can do good work, but they leave you at a disadvantage. This is because they are only one person. If they need to cancel for any reason, you will be left scrambling to find a replacement. You are also responsible for hiring and firing these caregivers.

When you work with a home care agency, you have a number of qualified caregivers to choose from, you do not need to worry about rescheduling, and your loved ones can benefit from a larger variety of services.

Our Non-Medical Home Health Care Services

Our Assisting Hands Home Care caregivers are qualified to help with any non-medical needs. We cannot provide injections or bandage changing services because our caregivers are not certified nurses, but we can assist with medication reminders and getting to and from doctor’s appointments, for example. Our caregivers are also trained in first aid and CPR and must pass a stringent screening process before working with any clients.

We can provide you with the following types of home care services:

  • Assistance with bathing, maintaining personal hygiene, and using the restroom
  • Preparing nutritious meals that adhere to dietary restrictions
  • Light housekeeping services
  • General transportation services
  • Elderly-Home-Care-SmallCare management (e.g. getting to and from doctor’s appointments, medication reminders, assistance with assigned exercises, etc.)
  • Live-in care and overnight care
  • Social engagement and companionship

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When you work with us, you will receive professional home care services provided by caregivers who are licensed, bonded, and insured in the Palatine, IL.

To speak with our representatives and schedule a free consultation, call (847) 915-6186.

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