In-home senior care services have come a long way to help senior citizens age in place by covering many activities that they can no longer physically handle.  However, one need that cannot be taken care of with basic in-home care services is the need for social companionship.  Some seniors unfortunately live alone which can be tough, especially if they have lost their spouse.  Social companionship is very important for the well-being of senior citizens, and research has shown that good companionship can help improve their health and longevity.  At Assisting Hands, we understand the importance of social companionship which is why our caregivers provide companion care by creating personal relationships with our clients and engaging them in social activities.

elderly companion nurseAssisting Hands hires caregivers that are not only skilled at providing in-home care, but also caring and compassionate to make a good home companion for your loved ones.  Senior citizens typically lose their social connections as they age because it is more difficult for them to regularly visit friends or family members.  Our caregivers can fill that void with regular social interaction including good conversation and a variety of activities to keep them socially engaged.   If you are worried about an elderly family member that lives alone, our senior companion care services are ideal for easing your mind while also providing your loved one with a good companion.

Our companion care services consist of the following:

  • Friendly Conversation: Our senior companions will regularly engage in friendly and supportive conversation with your loved ones. We will encourage our clients to talk about their family, friends, and past experiences to create an engaging dialogue.
  • Social Activity Planning: It can be difficult for senior citizens to regularly participate in social activities due to various limitations. We will help plan and encourage social activities including visiting friends and family, shopping trips, and even vacations.
  • Encourage Exercise: Regular exercise is important for everyone, and for seniors, it can help improve overall health and mobility. Our elderly companions will encourage your loved ones to engage in light exercise and go with them to take walks.  If your loved one is given exercises by a doctor, we will encourage them to do these exercises.
  • Stimulate Active Thinking: Active thinking and mental engagement can help prevent mental decline in seniors. We will engage your loved ones through their hobbies, games, and other activities to keep their minds active.
  • Companion for Life: We view our companion care as much more than just a service. Our caregivers are compassionate about our clients and will be a true companion for your loved ones for life.

If you have an elderly family member that lives alone, our caregivers at Assisting Hands can provide them with quality social interaction with our companion care services.  Regular social interaction will help keep their minds actively engaged and improve overall health and well-being.


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