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Leaving your elderly relatives and disabled family members home alone at night can cause you to become stressed. Overnight emergencies with no one present to help may lead to serious consequences. Even in the case that you’re in the home with your loved one, you might be sleeping and won’t be able to address the emergency in time. Assisting Hands Home Care can help with this through the overnight care services we offer in Rolling Meadows, IL area.

With these services, we send a caregiver to spend the night at your loved one’s home and provide care until the morning. The caregiver can help with evening and morning routines and will stay awake throughout the night in case help is needed. You can choose to have the caregiver stay in the same room as your family member or elsewhere within the residence where he/she can immediately respond to any needs.

Our overnight caregivers can provide the following:

  • Overnight Care for Seniors and Adults - Rolling Meadows, ILAssistance with nighttime routines, such as bathing and dressing
  • Assistance with getting in and getting up from bed
  • Assistance with medication intake
  • Assistance with restroom use
  • Assistance with position shifting
  • Immediate assistance with emergencies

With our overnight care services, we can provide help with the following scenarios:

  • Vision Loss: Our caregivers can help your loved ones with impaired vision get around their home at night in a safe manner.
  • Fall Prevention: Our caregivers can help your loved ones, who are fatigued at night, safely get around their home and prevent falls by removing any potential trip hazards.
  • Post-Surgery: Our caregivers can help your loved ones who are recovering from surgery by making sure they take their medications and by assisting them when they need to change positions in bed.
  • Dementia Care: Our caregivers can help your loved ones who are affected by dementia by helping them safely return to their bed if they wake up confused and wander around their home.

With a professional overnight caregiver, your loved ones can be ensured of their safety at night, and you can have some peace of mind. Our overnight caregiver will help your loved one with trips to the restroom, emergencies, and anything else they need assistance with. Assisting Hands Home Care can be reached for the overnight care services in Rolling Meadows, IL area, at (847) 915-6186.

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