The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is a special one. One of the things that many elderly individuals enjoy is getting to know and spend time with their grandkids. Whether it’s spending time together for a special occasion, holiday or when there is free time, the memories made during these times are valuable.

During the summer, seniors and their grandchildren often have more opportunities to spend time with one another because school is out and there are many more activities happening. This free time means kids can engage in numerous fun activities they might not otherwise get to participate in or do as often when school is in session.

However, not everything the kids enjoy and want to do is appropriate for their elderly grandparents. Similarly, not everything that seniors like and can safely do will be of interest to children, and no one wants their grandkids to be bored and uninterested.

In this guide, we cover some of the best activities that seniors can engage in with their grandchildren this summer. These activities are mutually beneficial as seniors will get to know and bond with their grandchildren and the grandchildren will become closer to their grandparents.

1. Have a Movie NightSenior Couple Watching TV

Movies are a classic activity that almost everyone enjoys. Whether you want to go out to the theater to check out a new film or stay in to watch an old favorite, movies are an easy activity that seniors and their grandkids are sure to have fun with.

Going out to the theater might turn some people away from a movie outing because the cost of a movie ticket can be a lot nowadays. However, matinees are cheaper, so that is an option to consider. Plus, many movie theaters have discounts for seniors, so families can save money that way.

2. Try Out Some Video Games

Video games might be seen primarily as an activity that adolescents participate in and enjoy, but it is something that can be for people of nearly all ages — including elderly individuals. There are competitive multiplayer games that both seniors and their grandchildren can play, such as car racing or sports.

Additionally, video games can provide some benefits to seniors. The hand-eye coordination required of many video games can help maintain and improve a person’s motor skills. Just be sure not to spend too much time playing video games to prevent your eyes from getting strained and excessive body inactivity.

3. Do Some GardeningSenior Care

Gardening may become more difficult for seniors because of the strain on their joints. However, there are still ways for elderly individuals to safely garden, and it can even be something they can do with grandkids.

Elevated gardens allow seniors to garden in a safer and easier manner. Whether these feature standard plants and flowers or have vegetables growing, grandchildren can find enjoyment in helping dig and plant in the garden. With a vegetable garden, seniors can pick the vegetables with their grandchildren and use them to make a salad or another dish.

4. Take a Trip to the Local Library

Reading is a great activity for people of all ages. It can not only be a learning opportunity — especially for children — but it can also have numerous benefits for elderly individuals. Reading improves brain function, can be a stress reliever, and reduces the risk of dementia.

Knowing this, trips to the library can be great for grandparents and their grandchildren because it provides everyone a chance to borrow books free of charge. Additionally, many local libraries provide specialized programs for children during the summer that seniors and their grandkids can do together.

5. Arts and CraftsGrandmother and Granddaughter Knitting

No matter what a person’s creativity level is, seniors and children can benefit from doing arts and crafts. The sense of creation can provide elderly individuals with satisfaction while providing mind stimulation and improving cognitive skills.

Many children enjoy the creative outlet, and there are a seemingly endless variety of choices to pick from. Arts and crafts can involve making things completely from scratch with no instruction, or arts and crafts can be done with guidance from an activity kit or online video. It is best for the art activity chosen to be safe for seniors and children and within their abilities. Choosing an activity that requires supplies you already have may be easiest, but seniors and grandchildren can also go shopping for art supplies together.

Elderly Care and Senior Companionship Services

While it is only natural for elderly individuals to want to spend as much time as they can with their grandchildren, these opportunities are not always available. When seniors cannot spend time with their grandkids or families, they will still need company from time to time. This, however, can be tough for some elderly individuals if they have lost their spouse, do not have friends around, or live away from their family members.

Without meaningful social companionship, seniors can easily experience feelings of loneliness that can lead to depression. Assisting Hands Home Care can help elderly individuals in this situation through the senior companion care services we offer in the Schaumburg and Park Ridge, IL areas.

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