Being homebound can be fun for seniors, especially when they know how to make the most of their cozy environment. When the outside weather is rainy, snowy or too sunny, staying engaged at home is a worthwhile consideration. Here are enjoyable stay-at-home activities for seniors of all ages.

1. Virtual Book Clubs


Seniors who binge read books have plenty of company when they join a virtual book club from the comfort of their living room. Opportunities to interact with favorite authors abound. Plus, members might discuss moral questions or simply connect with like-minded others.

Recommended book clubs that have recently sprouted up include Quarantine Book Club, DC Reads and the Silent Book Club. Chapters meet online and enjoy the camaraderie of readers. Seniors have the chance to make new friends while discussing the books that have made a difference in their lives.

2. Online Bingo

Another boon of technology is virtual bingo. Recently, a senior living center’s bingo night was hosted by celebrity Matthew McConaughey. While not all virtual bingo nights will be graced by a movie star, the games offer a chance for seniors to break the routines of daily life.

Virtual bingo shares many of the health benefits as its counterpart, in-person bingo. Players’ memory, speed and cognitive function improve as they engage in the game. Seniors’ hand-eye coordination gets a boost, too, due to the repetitive nature of bingo.

3. Movie Night

Every week is memorable when it ends with movie night. Since many seniors prefer an early bedtime, movie night can easily be moved up to movie day. Pop a batch of popcorn, gather the refreshments and pick a favorite movie to watch. A few hours of escape are always welcome.

The benefits of watching movies are immense. Seniors who watch movies with others, like family or caregivers, reduce social isolation and foster friendships. Being transported by believable characters on screen helps to stimulate empathy. Plus, watching old favorites is an opportunity for reminiscing.

Netflix has also launched Netflix Party, a Chrome extension that allows groups of people to watch the movie at the same time through a shared link.

4. Arts and Crafts


Many seniors are lifelong crafters. Whether it is knitting and crocheting, painting with watercolors or scrapbooking, older folks have plenty of know-how to keep themselves busy each day. Or, seniors may attempt a brand-new hobby and test their skills and ingenuity.

Crafting can be for anyone, since crafts range from the simple to the complex. The arts and crafts are accessible to people of all ages and crafting abilities. Especially when a senior engages in crafts together with a caregiver who shares similar interests, the experience fosters important feelings of togetherness.

Popular crafts offer several health benefits. Elderly individuals who craft have a decreased risk of cognitive impairment; in fact, crafting improves cognitive ability. Along with the positive outcome of stress reduction comes a strengthened immune system and lower blood pressure.

5. Technology Education

Enhancing one’s computer skills is a rewarding activity. Seniors might learn how to surf the web, chat on social media or use video calls. A grandchild, neighbor or professional caregiver might offer tips on how to use the latest technology.

The chance to communicate with others is a clear benefit of grasping recent technology. Tech-savvy grandparents connect with grandchildren who live across the country. Seniors avoid social isolation by staying active in online chat groups. Food delivery can be accomplished with the touch of a button.

6. Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is one of many physical activities that seniors can do at home and appreciate. Practitioners reap all the benefits of yoga while staying safe in a chair. Being seated while doing chair yoga means that even frail seniors can get their daily exercise without worrying about injury.

Interested seniors can learn how to perform chair yoga from free online resources. Just 30 minutes of chair yoga each day leads to positive health results, including lowered blood pressure and reduced anxiety. Seniors also build strength and balance while protecting their joints.

7. Indoor Gardening

Even when the weather outside is blistery, seniors can grow beautiful plants indoors. Indoor-friendly plants for seniors include aloe vera, spider plant, peace lily and the African violet. A connection to nature is immensely rewarding for seniors. Small terrariums offer health benefits, too.

Older gardeners’ strength and flexibility improve as they bend to dig the soil and manipulate tools. Emotional benefits of gardening include stress reduction, improved self-esteem and relaxation. Gardeners feel self-sufficient when growing herbs. Oxygen-producing plants improve seniors’ oxygenation, nourishing them.

8. Genealogy Research

Probing into one’s family tree sustains the interests of many. Especially since genealogy research is primarily done online, seniors can access rich information about their family roots from the comfort of home. Some genealogy sites are free. Other sites cater to specific ethnic groups.

Using the computer while exploring the lives of distant relatives has been shown to improve cognitive function in the parts of the brain that are linked with memory and decision-making. Genealogy findings prompt seniors to have intergenerational conversations and springboard family discussions and stories.

Companionship from a Caregiver

Companion Care Assisting Hands Home Care

With a little creativity, the opportunities for fun stay-at-home activities for seniors are endless. Older individuals especially benefit when a professional caregiver from Assisting Hands Home Care is nearby to lend assistance. In-home care is designed to provide discretionary support on an as-needed basis.

Assisting Hands offer discreet help with personal tasks, like bathing and toileting. We’ll help dress and groom your aging loved one so she is prepared to participate in those anticipated online bingo games or virtual book clubs.

Our companionship services help keep seniors from experiencing loneliness and social isolation. We stimulate the minds of the elderly with puzzles and pleasant conversation. Your loved one will consume balanced meals daily with our grocery shopping and meal preparation services.

Of course, our caregivers take all precautions necessary to protect the health and safety of our clients. Assisting Hands ensures to use masks and sanitation technique to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Free Consultation

A free in-home assessment starts the home care process. We ensure our care recipients receive the support to lead dignified lives. Give us a call at (847) 796-6685 for a free consultation!

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