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As we age, good hygiene and health becomes increasingly important in order to maintain a quality lifestyle. Unfortunately, with aging can come physical changes that require seniors to adjust their routine and habits in order to achieve such standards. However, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task, as there are easy-to-use items that can make it easier and more comfortable to remain independent while simultaneously boosting overall hygiene and health. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of must-have tools anyone over sixty should consider adding into their daily routine—all designed with senior needs in mind.

It’s a common misconception that seniors don’t care much about their hygiene or appearance. But in reality, they simply face a number of challenges that can make it difficult to maintain good hygiene and self-care, despite their best intentions. As a caregiver or family member, it’s important to find ways to help seniors feel comfortable and confident in their old age. Let’s explore some of the items that can help seniors improve their hygiene and quality of life.

Cell Phone

Staying connected with loved ones is essential for maintaining a fulfilling and happy life. In this day and age, technology has made reaching out to others easier and more accessible. If your loved one has access to a mobile device, they can carry it around with them and have it readily available in case of an emergency. Additionally, a smartphone can provide a way for them to connect with friends and family, even if they are miles apart.

Electric Toothbrush

For some seniors, brushing their teeth can be a painful and tiring process. An electric toothbrush can help make the task easier and more comfortable. It’s also an effective way to remove plaque and prevent gum disease, which can be common in older adults. Some electric toothbrushes even come with features like timers and pressure sensors to help seniors get the most out of their oral care routine.

Shower Chair

For seniors who have trouble standing for long periods of time, a shower chair can be a lifesaver. It allows them to sit comfortably while showering, reducing the risk of falls, and making the process of bathing less stressful. A shower chair can also help seniors feel more independent and confident in their ability to care for themselves.

Shower chair and grab bar for seniors

Long-Handled Bath Sponge

Seniors who have limited mobility or flexibility may struggle to reach certain areas of their body while showering or bathing. A long-handled bath sponge can help them clean those hard-to-reach places, like their back or feet, without straining themselves. It’s a simple but effective tool that can make a big difference in their daily routine.

Compression Socks

Swelling in the feet and legs is a common issue for older adults. Compression socks can help reduce this swelling and improve circulation, which can in turn reduce pain and discomfort. There are many different types of compression socks available, so it’s important to choose ones that are appropriate for your loved one’s needs.

Electric Razor

For older men who struggle with shaky hands or diminished eyesight, shaving can be a challenge. An electric razor can make the process easier and safer by reducing the risk of nicks and cuts. It’s also a more convenient option than traditional shaving because it requires less time and effort.


Bidets are becoming more popular in the United States as people recognize the benefits of this hands-free way to clean their perineal area. In Europe and Asia, bidets are already commonly used, and for good reason. They offer a convenient and hygienic alternative to traditional wiping methods. For older adults, bidets provide a way to avoid the physical strain and discomfort of bending and twisting to wipe themselves. The gentle spray of clean water from the wand is also kinder to their delicate skin.

Grab Bars

As we age, our bodies naturally experience changes including decreasing muscle mass and poor balance that put us at higher risk for falls and injuries. This is why it is crucial to ensure that your loved one’s home is set up in a way that promotes safety and security. One essential item to consider is grab bars, especially in the bathroom. These simple yet effective bars provide a steady and secure surface for your elderly parent to lean on when needed, whether it be when standing up, walking, or transitioning from sitting to standing.

Helping seniors maintain good hygiene and self-care is an important aspect of caregiving. By providing them with the right tools and resources, you can help seniors remain comfortable, healthy, and confident. Whether it’s an electric toothbrush, shower chair, or compression socks, there are many items that can improve a senior’s quality of life. Consider talking to your loved one’s elderly care professional or a senior home care provider for more recommendations on how to support their hygiene needs.

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