When people reach old age, they will often require some form of everyday help to ensure they can continue living safe and healthy lives. For some elderly individuals, this will mean moving out of their home and into a nursing home or another type of assisted living facility where professionals will provide care and assistance to them and other members of the home’s community.

In addition to receiving care, seniors will also have the opportunity to participate in various activities and events that the nursing home offers for their residents’ enjoyment. These activities provide elderly individuals with a way to fill their days while also creating a community.

The following activities are among those that you may find elderly individuals participating in at a nursing home.

1. Arts and CraftsSenior-Caregiver-Knitting

No matter one’s skill level, it can be therapeutic to engage in arts and crafts because the activity offers people the opportunity to express themselves. At a nursing home, for example, seniors can be found channeling their artistic side by painting freely. They can also all follow a guide that helps them recreate a particular image. This can be particularly fun to do with a group, because you can see how everyone’s painting is ultimately similar but also unique.

Crocheting and knitting is another crafty activity seniors often enjoy. It allows them a chance to create something from scratch that becomes a useful object, such as a blanket, they can keep for themselves or donate to people in need.

2. Exercise

Exercise is an important activity for people of all ages, meaning even seniors need to get consistent movement in. In fact, it is even more crucial that elderly individuals exercise to maintain their strength.

Intense high activity workouts are likely not suitable for most elderly individuals who reside at a nursing home, but there are still plenty of low-impact workouts out there are that effective and appropriate for seniors. Going on walks, doing yoga, and participating in aquatic therapy are great options.

Simply putting on some fun, high-energy music that encourages seniors to get up and dance is another fun, easy way for them to get some exercise in.

3. Game and Puzzle NightsPersonal-Care-and-Companionship-in-Elk-Grove-Village-IL

Albeit traditional, games and puzzles can still be a fun way for seniors to spend their time and socialize with others. Checkers, chess, and board games can be excellent choices for seniors who want to compete and work on their cognitive ability. But bingo is a great all-around option for all elderly individuals because the game relies on probability.

Meanwhile, jigsaw puzzles offer a challenge and mental stimulation to those who crave it but are not as interested in the competitive aspect that games often offer.

4. Movie Nights

Movies are a classic way for people to spend their time, so it is a quality choice for seniors who reside in a nursing home. From action and adventure to comedy to drama and romance, movies provide people with an easy way to experience stories of all kinds and let them be transported into a different world.

5. Music Sessions

Music is a great way for groups of people to socialize with one another, express themselves, and have some fun. Seniors can sing together as a choir, come together as a band with everyone playing different instruments, or have a karaoke contest.

For elderly individuals who have Alzheimer’s or dementia, music can be of great benefit — even if it’s just listening to songs. It is something they enjoy, and it can limit agitation.

Elderly Care ServicesElderly-Care-in-Elk-Grove-Village-IL

While many seniors may require some type of daily care, nursing homes are not the best fit for everyone. Some elderly individuals do not need enough care to justify moving into a nursing home or other type of assisted living facility. Seniors may also not want to give up their home and the independence and freedom aging in place offers.

No matter the reason, seniors in need can still receive the care they require should they decide to live at home instead of in a nursing home with others.

Assisting Hands Home Care provides professional home health care services and senior companionship in the Park Ridge, IL area, and the surrounding areas. We provide a variety of senior home care services from general elderly care to specialized services like after surgery care and Alzheimer’s and dementia care. We can effectively accommodate whatever care needs that seniors have.

Within these services, seniors are free to spend their time however they would like. Professional caregivers will simply be around to provide your elderly relatives with assistance as needed, helping with things like meal preparation and companion care. So you can feel at ease knowing that your elderly loved ones have the in-home care they need while maintaining some of the independence they want.

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