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As our average lifespans increase, the need for caregiving services rises. This is simply because our minds and bodies still gradually break down over time, even with the significant advances we have seen in medications and treatments. To help seniors in Niles, IL, get through their everyday activities, we offer senior in-home care services here at Assisting Hands Home Care.

Keep Your Independence

The reason in-home care is the preferred route for many seniors (as opposed to moving to a retirement home or nursing home) is because it gives them the ability to maintain some of their indepeSenior In-Home Care for Niles, ILndence. A major difficulty with aging is losing the ability to care for one’s self. Through in-home care, seniors are at least able to grow old in the comfort of their own homes. At Assisting Hands Home Care, we fully understand this mentality, and give you the flexibility to choose which services are actually needed.

Another benefit to in-home care is that you do not need to worry about selling property or moving. Going through countless belongings, and moving to a new location, can be difficult for able-bodied adults. When it comes to seniors with physical or mental limitations, the process is exponentially more difficult. Through in-home care, you or your loved one can receive required assistance, but avoid the trouble and shock of moving.

Customizable In-Home Care

As we stated above, we want to help you in areas that are truly needed. While we do not provide specialized medical services, we can help with essentially anything else. We are able to do this thanks to the high levels of training our caregivers are required to go through. They must also display a genuine care for the needs of our clients, as this is instrumental in providing high quality care. As far as what exactly we can provide, please see below:

  • Assistance with personal hygiene and grooming (this includes bathing and using the restroom)
  • Meal preparation (we can help with meal consumption, as well)
  • Assistance with moving around the home (such as getting up from the bed and chairs, and walking lengthy distances)
  • Help with changing clothes
  • Incontinence care
  • Basic housekeeping services
  • General transportation services (e.g. driving to and from doctor’s appointments, picking up groceries and medications, etc.)
  • Companionship (this is important in combating loneliness, depression, memory loss, and many other psychological problems that seniors are prone to)

If you would like to make use of our senior in-home care services, we encourage you to contact our Assisting Hands Home Care representatives at (847) 915-6186. We are happy to address any of your questions or concerns and are proud to work with those in need in Niles, IL.

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