People are living longer and the majority elect to age in the comfort of home. Along with gracefully aging comes the struggles of maintaining independence for many seniors. Health issues, declined mobility and cognitive impairment due to age-related illnesses make living alone and tending to one’s daily duties an increasing challenge.

Respite Care for Hoffman Estates, ILIncrease your loved one’s ease by bringing in dependable outside help. Start by discussing, if possible, with your elderly parent what his or her needs are. Once you have a clear understanding of the daily, weekly and monthly requirements, set out to find providers who can meet those needs. Reputable service providers can be found through referrals from friends, family, community service organizations and neighbors.


Driving may no longer be an option for certain elderly individuals. Some may choose to avoid driving at night. Others experience negative issues when attempting to deal with traffic. Poorer vision in some seniors prevents them from sitting in the driver’s seat.

An elderly parent can still find reliable transportation. A senior bus is offered through rural towns or counties to give seniors a lift. Arrangements can be made with senior buses to drive older individuals to shopping malls or doctor’s appointments. Volunteers involved in senior services programs also provide senior transportation. Home care agencies retain a staff of caregivers who will drive the senior to the grocery store, post office or to recreational activities.


light housekeepingA clean, sanitary home is an integral component of good health. A dirty kitchen leads to an infestation of rodents, and a messy bathroom causes the growth of harmful bacteria. An elderly parent may no longer be able to clean the house like he or she used to. Senior services are available to help achieve this end.

Light housekeeping is a part of the daily routines for caregivers from home care agencies. However, their main priority is to keep your loved one company and assist with many additional basic duties.

Grocery Shopping & Meal Prep

Grocery home delivery services are plentiful with modern day technology. All it takes is one click on a computer or a quick call, and fresh produce is delivered to your loved one’s doorstep within hours.

Seniors who hesitate to drive can still make weekly trips to the grocery store and hand pick their favorite foods. Caregivers staffed at a local home care agency provide transportation to complete errands, including grocery store shopping. Once back at home, the caregiver will also prepare nutritious meals.

Doctor’s Appointments

doctor visitSeniors with limited mobility still need to travel to visit a doctor. As a part of their responsibilities, caregivers from senior home care agencies transport seniors to regular physical therapy visits and doctor’s appointments.

Medication Minders

Calling an elderly parent to remind him or her to take a prescribed medication can be done once or twice. Regular reminders at specific times throughout the day, however, can become unreliable.

Instead, opt for the services of a home health aide, who will remind the senior to take medications at the designated times. The home health aide can also supervise, making sure the medication gets consumed at the right dose and appropriate time of day.

The services of registered nurses are also available from home care agencies. Nurses are medically trained to administer the medications prescribed by a physician.

Physical Mobility

Those aging at home may encounter difficulties with getting around from room to room. Safety is a primary concern for an aging parent, and precautions should be taken to remove obstacles and potential hazards, like pointy-edged nightstands, rugs one may trip over, and glass tables.

While clearing the home allows for safer mobility, seniors feel less anxious when someone is at home, monitoring their activities. A professional caregiver will be with your parent at home for designated hours of the day. The caregiver will accompany the senior on leisurely walks, allowing for adequate exercise. Your parent will also feel more encouraged to be active at home once they know help is nearby.

Daily Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene is crucial for one’s health. Bathing, grooming and dressing often become difficult for seniors when an illness prevents them from continuing to perform these basic activities of daily life. Caregivers are trained to provide assistance with personal tasks, like these. Home care agencies are staffed with skilled caregivers who will discreetly aid your loved one, in the mornings, afternoons, evenings or overnight.

Small indulgences, like hair styling and nail treatments, are a welcome part of a senior’s day. Depending on the loved one’s location, some salons offer house calls to perform these professional services.

How to Pay for Home Care Services

There are several ways to pay for non-medical care or home health care. Caregivers who provide basic tasks charge by the hour, while home health workers (who have some degree of medical training) charge a higher rate. Medicare, Medicaid, state programs and Veterans Programs are all options to investigate for help in paying for support.

Assisting Hands Home Care

When your loved one is struggling at home and would benefit from additional provisions, turn to Assisting Hands Home Care. As an elder care agency with a team of licensed, bonded and insured caregivers, Assisting Hands Home Care is equipped to provide extensive non-medical care to the senior in your life.

Examples of typical non-medical in-home senior care services include personal assistance, meal preparation, light housekeeping and transportation. The professional caregivers on staff at Assisting Hands Home Care also include pleasant companionship as a part of their care, engaging your loved one in fun activities, like cards or puzzles, to keep their minds alert and active. More intensive care is offered, as well, in the form of 24-hour care and live in care. Around the clock support is oftentimes critical for seniors who need daily attention both night and day and Assisting Hands Home Care is prepared to meet your loved one’s needs.

Assisting Hands Home Care is dedicated to serving the elder populations in the local community. The skilled and experienced caregivers on staff bring compassion and dependability into each home and to every senior client.


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